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24/7 emergency services – Expect the unexpected. We provide emergency services within the Red Deer county region. Our team is available within 2 hours of a call to deal with events mother nature has thrown your way! Please call us at 403-505-2420

Quality work – Over 30 years of experience. We provide the absolute best work for our clients. Our clients are the centre of all that we do.
Best price guarantee – we believe everyone has the right to have access to our services so we make a pledge to our valued customers to work within your budget to beautify and make your home safer.

Dangerous / Complete
Tree Removal

We specialize in removing old and hazardous trees, ones that are infested which sometimes results in harmful insects and undesirable spread of diseases on to lawns.

Mature trees run the risk of falling naturally, thus it is essential to get it taken down before the tree causes damage to your house, pets or humans walking by.

Professional and safe removal of aged and infested trees, that could fall down any day and cause injury to an individual or damage to your property.

Stump Grinding

Improve aesthetics and safety of your property and ensure no disruption to surrounding lawn areas.

The benefits of stump grinding:
• Improve aesthetics and regain Space. Tree stumps can make an otherwise tidy, well-kept yard look neglected.
• Avoid accidents and inconvenience. While a tree stump might not seem dangerous, it can be a major trip hazard for anyone.
• Protect against diseases and pests.
• Stop stump sprouting.

Topping / Trimming / Pruning

Expert knowledge to for sustainable and prolonged health of tree growth. Improve appearance of your property which leads to higher property appraised values.

Pruning is an essential gardening skill. When you prune correctly, you encourage healthy growth and flowering (in the case of flowering plants), as well as good looks. For most shrubs and trees, it helps to prune at the right time. Some are best pruned in winter; some right after flowering.

Tree topping is the practice of removing whole tops of trees or large branches and/or trunks from the tops of trees, leaving stubs or lateral branches that are too small to assume the role of a terminal leader. Other common names for the practice include hat-racking, heading, rounding over, and tipping.

Lot Clearing

Impeccable clean up, your yard will look like no one was ever
there, leaving it cleaner than it was before we got there, guaranteed!


We use all Stihl equipment to ensure we can tackle any size job. If applicable, we have a 60 ft boom lift available for complex jobs.

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